Ever asked their parents?

June 6, 2017 by Dave Ternier

We all know that testimonials help communicate the quality and value of the work we do to prospective clients. Most of us, I am sure, request detailed feedback from the brides & grooms we work with in order to collect some of those testimonials. I also ask them, a number of times, to suggest ways in which I could improve my service. That’s where a feedback survey REALLY starts to become valuable. But this post isn’t entirely about that… it’s about the parents.

Equal in importance to requesting feedback from the brides and grooms, in my humble opinion, is to also ask their parents for feedback. The very same day my brides & grooms receive a followup email from me, so to, do their parents. Often times… their parents are more candid, more open and, dare I say, more honest with constructive feedback. I haven’t curated quite the same closeness with them like I have with my couples, which allows them to be a little more objective (that’s my current theory anyways).
Feedback from parents has taught me a lot about what I am doing right, how to better what I do and occasionally, they provide me with insight that moves me to further understand that Mark Ferrell might just have been right (can you believe it?!) when he suggested that we, as mobile DJs, can truly impact (and even change) the lives of people long after the last dance has played.

I’ll end this little bit now with a piece that sums that point up quite well. This is from a recent step-mother of the bride (who the bride does NOT get along with). The bride’s parents are both separated and re-married. To say that not everyone gets along, would be an understatement. This is the last of Grant’s children (all girls) to be married.

(Grant’s name has been changed for privacy purposes)


“Grant says it was his absolute pleasure to meet you and out of all the girls weddings this is the one he felt the biggest part of – like he belonged (not an outsider). I firmly believe you had everything to do with that and for that I thank you Dave. You took a normally awkward situation and blended everybody and everything so well.”


Ready to start getting some really honest feedback on the work you perform as a mobile DJ & MC? Start asking their parents… you never know what you’ll learn.
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Dave Ternier began his DJ career in 1997 as a self taught, part time, mobile DJ. Since 2011, Dave has gone full time as a single operator DJ/MC for his company, Special Request Weddings. He is a proud Canadian DJ, MC, member of the CPDJA and recipient of the international WED Guild® certification. Family life is kept busy alongside his beautiful wife Kathryn and their two daughters, Kiana and Marika. Dave is also the founding author of www.aDJthought.com, an industry blog focused exclusively on mobile wedding DJs.

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