Event Tune-Up: Why Your DJ Must Be the FIRST Call

December 30, 2015 by Bill Goode

My brother got married a while back…

His bride-to-be and him wanted a simple church wedding and did not have much money. They did not want a DJ, but my

brother asked me to bring some tunes and a mixer so they could play in the background and so they could have a microphone for speeches and toasts. No worries, I hooked them up.

When I asked if they needed help finding a caterer, venue, wedding cake, décor, they politely declined and informed me that they already had everything they needed.

As it turns out, the caterer, as I discovered later, had a bad reputation and was referred to by my fellow DJs as the “Sit-Down Caterer”. Part of her antics at the wedding included supplying nothing but party trays from Sam’s Club that she did not even bother to cook (can you spell frozen meatball?), letting the food run out constantly, sitting in the kitchen for over three of the four hours she was there, not being appropriately dressed for the occasion (she had on black pants and a white sweatshirt), and knocking over the top layers of the wedding cake onto the floor because she did not know how to properly cut it. My brother sued and won, but went through some anguish because someone who was not properly vetted was given a pass by unsuspecting people to destroy what should have been a great day. It certainly was a memorable one!

If they had asked me who I thought would do a great job, I would have given them a list. It would have spared them from this embarrassment.

This is the point where you are probably asking, “Why does this matter?”

It should matter, especially if you want your event to be a success.

DJs that have been at their craft for a while have worked with many event vendors and can not only keep a client from the pitfall of making a bad vendor decision, but can offer several recommendations on anyone from venues to photographers, planners, décor, rentals, and almost any event service.

At the very least, a great DJ can recommend a planner that can oversee the whole process and prevent calamity because of bad decisions by the event host.

The two most important decisions to make are who will be the DJ and who will be the photographer. These should be the two vendors first hired, not the last two hired. The DJ provides the musical moments that the photographer will get in photos. Everything else is secondary, if your memories matter.

Once you have these two key elements in place, you will have access to their expertise and their address books to go after qualified event partners.

If you hire the DJ first, they usually work with planners and décor people who not only work well together, but can take the vision you have for your event and turn it into something that goes beyond your dreams.

Turn it around, hire your DJ first. Great DJs will work with you on more than just music.

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