Event Tune-Up: What Makes You Memorable?

November 18, 2015 by Bill Goode

Here’s a story worth sharing:

I was at an industry meeting last night. While I did not have my springy Santa hat, I did choose to wear a lime green polo shirt. It is one of my company colors, but did not have a logo on the shirt. It was a conscious decision to wear it.

During the event, the speaker zeroed in on the shirt and gave me a new nickname; Mr. Green Shirt.

Afterwards, we only talked for a moment, but he remembered me because I was the only one in a crowd of seventy souls to wear a lime green anything in the meeting. He used that as a hook to remember me, and that will be how he recalls me for years to come.

If you look at my personal Facebook page, you will see two items that have become a theme on the page, cool old cars and bacon. They have taken a life of their own. One of the catering staff recognized me from Facebook and remarked I always post pictures of those old cars. We shared a selfie and had a great several minutes to meet. Another person asked if I had seen their candied bacon post (why yes, and I shared it).

The reason I share these stories is to explain how to make yourself memorable to others.

You have so many creative ways to stand out from the social media noise and the noise that is everyday life. Once you get out of bed, you are striving to be memorable, whether you realize it, or not. First, you want to ask yourself, why do you want to be memorable?

The way mine started off were completely organic. I love old cars, I love bacon, and the lime green is a company color. What are your interests? Gardening? Model building? Trains? Travel? Look at your Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram pages. What is the most posted topic? Once you have identified that, use it to your advantage. Play it up, take an interest in it. Do not ignore your business. Give them a reason to remember it.

“That is the event planner who collects stamps from all over the world.”

“That is the DJ who loves bacon.”
“This is the photographer who loves small animals.”

When picking your memorable theme, there are some basic, common-sense items to bear in mind:

– Watch the booty pictures. Having guys and dolls parade around in lingerie is a major issue for colleagues with different sensibilities.

– Avoid anything to do with guns, politics, and religion. These are clearly memorable to people, and can very easily alienate those who you consider friends and colleagues.

– Offer ideas that help. If you love bacon, share that awesome candied bacon recipe.

– Do not be offensive! Keep the language and the sharing PC and better. R, X, NC17 are not great ratings for social media items.

– Remember to share the best items of your work. One flower in a vase may not be what you want to show, but a roaring multi-colored explosion of flowers in a unique container will grab positive attention.

– Clothing can be memorable, but leave the strip club stuff at home. Latex, spandex, leather is ok and accepted, but there is a difference in looking good and looking over the line or like a stripper.
The best way to be memorable? Look at something that would make others happy, but do not worry if everyone is happy. Different tastes drive different interests.

Now, about that lime green shirt…

I chose it to wear because it is one of my company’s colors. The funny part is I was self-aware that this is a stand-out color and had staff shirts made in the exact same color, but did not want to get one dirty before wearing them at a fast-approaching DJ conference. After the exchange with last night’s speaker, plan on lime green being my color of choice in shirts for some time!

What makes you memorable?

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