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January 6, 2016 by Bill Goode


From time to time, the Tune-Up will feature folks who you should get to know. You may not know them like you know your favorite singer or your grandmother, but you should seek them out and learn about what they can offer.

I follow them because they all offer unique traits, in addition to having common factors of success:vaynerchuck

– They are enjoying success at what they do, and share it to inspire others so they can become successful
– They care about the events industry
– They are very type A in the respect that they see a goal and work to reach it without letting noise and/or detractors distract them from their plan
– Their success is genuine and verified. They do not have a house of cards that will cave in over their head, nor pretend to be someone they are not
– They will talk to you, and want to engage you
– You will learn something that will bring value to what you do
– You may know them, you may not. Once you get to know of them, you will come to follow them because they are engaging, educational, and offer something you can apply immediately, even if the results take time

Today’s person:

Gary Vaynerchuk: Gary knows social media like no one else on this planet. Not only does he know it, he knows how to build and execute a strategy that will own the audience. TV and radio should take notes of what he is doing. His books are fast reads and full of great ideas.

His background: He started as a kid of immigrants selling baseball cards after school and became great at it, until his family told him he must work in the family liquor business. He hated it, but came to embrace it and transformed it into winelibrary.com, one of the first websites to sell wine over the internet. His breakout came with the introduction of winelibrary.tv, his wine review blog that spells out in plain video what he thinks of certain wines. From there, people sought him out to help with marketing projects, giving rise to VaynerMedia. He works with high profile clients including Oprah and a large swath of Fortune 500 companies. His ultimate goal is to buy the New York Jets, and he has a plan to get there, but follow him to learn more.

Why it matters to you: If you want to know how to build your online brand using social media, he is the expert, having done it himself.

Tell us who you follow, and why.

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