Event Tune-Up: Record, Record, and Keep Recording

October 28, 2015 by Bill Goode

When was the last time you recorded your event? When was the last time you took video and photos and used them to create a two minute story to post where potential clients can see it? When was the last time you showed photos and video to a colleague, mentor, or coach to review? Has it been a while?
If you follow blogging/promotion guru Gary Vaynerchuk, one constant message he delivers is content is king. It does not matter what your platform is, your content needs to be fresh, engaging, and keep people coming back to your platforms. It needs to keep people interested in what you are doing. It needs to develop top-of-mind awareness for your brand and drive home you are the only one who can deliver a high, consistent standard in your field. It needs to showcase your expertise so you can be the official representative of your brand and your service.
How can you do all of this while still tending to your event, the reason you are hired to begin with?
If you are performing as a band, DJ, emcee, or someone in front of a crowd, the easiest way is with a smartphone. Cameras for stills and video are part of them, and can instantly place content onto your platforms. For better results, it is a wise investment to buy a video camera and a good photo camera. The quality is fantastic and the storage capacity will easily keep several events until you edit and post. Also, consider having an assistant who can record the action, especially when you are executing your elements. That frees you to concentrate on your duties.

If you are a caterer, florist, cake baker, or someone who offers a “static” service, gathering pictures and video should be not only mandatory, but done before and during events. You have a story to tell though visuals, and your designs should be recorded to show potential clients what is possible.

Where to place all of this material varies. Platforms change, can be free or have a cost, have wide followings, or just have a select few. The days of posting a few photos to AOL have passed. The strategy should include several platforms and have both photos and video. They should be where your clients have found you, with a slant on the most popular platforms. While the following list is not inclusive, it is a great place to start.

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