Event Tune-Up: Did Not Book the Event? The Unbooked Client is STILL Your Client!

December 16, 2015 by Bill Goode

Here is a very familiar scenario:

The potential client calls or emails and wants to book your services. You go back-and-forth with them to get the event details and/or find out the budget so you can price it out and give them a bottom-line fee for services. They are shocked and think the service should be MUCH cheaper and will not be using your company. You part ways with them and go about your business.

That is the WRONG approach. What happened to your intrepid blogger reminded us of why one should never discount (yes, that is a play on words) the potential client.
Last year, we received a call from a potential client. After discussing their needs, we gave a quote. The potential client told us we were well above her budget of $250. Instead of getting ugly, trying to educate the person, or being upset in any way, we thanked her for her consideration, advised that if there is anything they ever need, please call anytime. We thought that would be the last time they ever called our company. We never followed up with them after the event, emailed, or made any attempt to keep in touch.

A few weeks ago, the phone rang. It was the same company on the other end of the line, asking for another quote for services and also asking for additional items.

While not sure they would book our company, based on last year’s response, we worked with them to craft a proposal that included everything they were looking for, and the cost of the services were more than double the quote we submitted last year!

After exchanging emails over a few weeks and meeting with them yesterday, they are now officially a client!

It is a goal to be like Will Rogers and never meet a person we don’t like. Even if they are not booking us after the consultation, we go out of our way to remain polite, calm, and always open to doing anything we can to help them.

Some companies have a reputation for being ugly in words and spirit to the potential client if they do not book. For that matter, some companies are ugly to their competitors, vendors who do not work with them or those that do not recommend their service.

It always makes sense to be nice to people and potential clients, even if they do not book. If they do not book you, do not be afraid to reach out to them after the event, if only to make sure their needs are met, even if you are not their event service provider.

Always be nice, professional, and never ugly in attitude or words. You will always be a positive professional, and that potential client that did not book your service last year may book your service this year.

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