Event Tune-Up: Comfort Your Guests

January 20, 2016 by Bill Goode

It is freezing outside as I write this. We are expecting ice and flurries. Do you think that is a wonderful time for an outdoor formal event?

Your strong mental yelling of the word NO was heard loud and clear. Let me ask you this…

Why would the same thing be ok if it is July or August and the temperature is above 85 degrees?

As long as we are talking about the comfort of your guests, what are their musical tastes? Do they have any dietary issues, such as Kosher, lactose problems, or shellfish allergies? Do they have seizure issues around specialty dance lighting? Are they allergic to flowers?

One item that novice planners, brides, and those planning an event may miss is the comfort of their guests. Sure, there is a vision in their mind of how the event should look, but how would a roomful of empty chairs and an empty dance floor looked if the comfort of your guests is not taken into account?

The most common issue we have run into is a lack of climate control. In the south, there are many old homes that bill themselves as an event venue, but the event is actually held outside in a tent. During the height of the summer, temperatures can easily get to be over ninety degrees, even with fans blowing.

Some of the other guest-unfriendly issues also relate to music, menu, even family and friend dynamics.

When planning your event, the purpose of having your event is to invite people to share in your joy, celebrate a work event, or honor a life milestone. To do any of that, you will invite guests. What are their likes and dislikes?

Put yourself into their shoes. When you went to an event, what did you like about it? What did you not like? Why did you stay? Why did you leave early?

Answer those questions, plug in those answers to relate to your guests, and you are well on the way to having one great event.

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