ERG Jumps Into the Digital Pool By: Brad Dunsbergen

September 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

Recently I had the chance to check out ERG Music’s Digital PoolTraxx online music service. This service gives you the latest music and music videos from most of the major labels almost on a daily basis. This is all delivered to by downloading the PoolTraxx app for either your PC or Mac.

mb151_084Installation for the PoolTraxx app is a breeze, just point Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari (sorry Chrome is not supported) to asp, click on the “download free” button in the center of the screen and it will bring up a new window asking you to accept the user agreement. If you do not already have Adobe Air installed on your computer, this is also the place where you can download and install it before accepting the user agreement. Once Adobe Air is installed and the user agreement is accepted, the installation file will download and install. This is all done in less than one minute. Now that the app is installed, open it and you will need to go to the login button in the upper right hand corner. After again checking yes on the user agreement, the next window to pop up is the login window, where you’ll press the create a new account button. Fill in all your pertinent information to create an account and click the “create now” button. Now you will be asked what services you will like. Click the radio buttons for your preferences. Finally the next window will pop up saying that you will contacted by ERG music shortly. I was doing this at night, and was contacted the next day. Current rates for subscriptions are $24.95 for music and $49.95 for music videos. If you would also like MP3 or MP4 discs, there is an additional fee of $8 per disc.

The PoolTrax app is very easy to use. At the top of the app there are tabs for music, music videos and settings. There are many different ways to find the new music or videos that you want. First is to do a simple search for artist or title in the search box. Next you can select the new music folder on the left side of the app. From here you can download individual files or if you want everything, select the “keep me current” button to download the current sixteen newest files from each genre. You can also select “show all” in each genre to see all the songs. On the left you can select current charts. This will list all the latest songs according to the charts, in order. D o w n l o a d i n g is the same as before. Next, on the left you can select genre to bring up all the songs in the particular genre that you pick. Last are the “ERG Picks.” This will display all the tracks exactly as they would come if you had gotten a physical disk.

All music files come in MP3 format encoded at 320kbs and have full ID3v2 tagging. They are also equalized and have the levels set so they all play at the same volume. The sound of the MP3s is nearly perfect CD quality.

The music video files come in MP4 format with the video encoded using the h.264 codec at an average rate of 4000kbs, 720p with a resolution of 1280×720. HD content is 24 frames per second. All videos are crisp and clean with hardly any digital artifacts. Best of all, all videos are tagless and DJ-friendly with no skits. The audio on all videos is in AAC format encoded at 320kbs.

For staying on top of all the latest, essential music and video content, ERG’s PoolTraxx service conveniently and smoothly delivers the stuff you need, when you need it.

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