EPSILON’s EPS Subwoofers Bring Unprecedented Performance Down To Size…

May 23, 2014 by Mobile Beat


epsA new benchmark in Active Subwoofers now shipping

Montebello, CA (May 19th, 2014) – Epsilon Electronics, Inc.

The EPSILON EPS Series are powerful 1000-watt Class-D Active Subwoofers that will set a new benchmark for mobile compact enclosures with extraordinary power in a sleek easy to carry design offering low end support and versatility.

The EPS Series Subwoofers offer outstanding low-frequency and a powerful punch with their 1000 watt built-in Class-D amplifier; which makes it an ideal companion for any medium size restaurant, DJ club system, live events or rental applications. Epsilon offers three Hi-Powered compact Subwoofer sizes in 12”, 15” and 18” configurations and a light weight 18” Subwoofer that can be shipped via UPS.

EPS Series Subwoofer Highlights:
1000-watt Class-D Amplifier (1000-watts, 1×12″)
Compact Wooden cabinet Includes Built-in 1-1/2″ (38mm) pole-mounting cup
Built-in Recessed handles for easy mobility and set-up
2 Combination XLR- 1⁄4″ TRS line-level inputs
Display LED: POWER illuminates when the unit is powered on, OFF disables the LED and LIMIT mode illuminates when the clip-limiter circuit is engaged.
Volume control and XLR balanced outputs for linking and daisy-chainable applications
Phase adjustable knob: 0-180 db
Rugged enclosure with textured black paint

EPSILON Electronics, Inc.: Epsilon is a 30-year-old company well known for manufacturing high-end audio components for the professional mobile audio industry.

To learn more about Epsilon’s EPS Subwoofers, visit http://www.epsilon-pro.com/subs.html


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