Enhance Your Performance: Voice Personality by Matt Martindale

August 17, 2016 by Matt Martindale

Regardless of how you entertain, it’s all about presentation. The quality of your presentation today, is tomorrow’s reputation—so we must always be careful! Mastering the art of performance with surgical precision is knowing where you need to focus. For a lot of DJs, it’s their voice. Most have great technical knowledge, and are good at reading the crowd, but many lack the ability to command a room with their voice. Your voice tells a story about you. Your voice will either attract others to you and your message, or detract from it.172-2021

The goal of “voice personality” training is to equip your voice to tell a positive, engaging story, to hold interest, to capture an audience, while sounding intelligent and communicating with precise articulation.

With two other very successful divisions of our DJ company (a photo booth division, and a lighting & décor division), a client occasionally hires a different DJ service for their event, yet chooses us for the lighting and décor, or our photo booth. In the last week, I had the opportunity to observe two other “experienced” DJs under those conditions. Upon reviewing their overall performances, I would give one a letter grade, of a C- and the other one D+ at best; only because they both were able to select good dance songs and read the crowd fairly to “save” the wedding receptions as the night progressed.

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