Engage your gig’s guests through RequestNow!

May 23, 2019 by Mobile Beat

Today’s DJ industry is more competitive than it has ever been. Engaging with your guests and building your own personal brand are crucial to staying successful and relevant. Traditionally, song requests were seen as a pain. Guests would come over and shove their phone in your face, perhaps spilling their drink on you in the process. People were shouting at you while other guests felt intimidated to approach the DJ booth. There had to be a better way to connect. Cue RequestNow. RequestNow is a modern engagement platform that simplifies the song requesting process while also acting as a DJ branding and marketing tool.

RequestNow allows guests to text in their song requests and other messages. As the DJ, you can view those song requests and messages on a dashboard and respond to them at any time. RequestNow has a proprietary song identification system that detects the songs that guests are requesting and displays them so it’s easy for you to see multiple requests for the same track, as well as which songs are requested the most. This allows you to interact with your guests while taking song requests at your leisure.

The best part about RequestNow is that it serves as the perfect marketing tool. After guests send a text with their song request, a response is sent back to them that both confirms the song they requested, and contains a custom message from you, the DJ. Furthermore, you can send a single text at the end of the event thanking the guests and giving them more information about you, like how to book you for their next event.

Overall, RequestNow provides an excellent opportunity for DJs to expand and market their personal brand while at the same time providing a fun, interactive experience for guests. Whether you love song requests or hate them, RequestNow aims to turn them into a positive experience for both the DJ and the partygoer. Check out http://requestnow.dance to find out more! Sign up using promo code MBEAT19 to get your first two events free!

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