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September 22, 2014 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

DJs are often called upon to provide additional audio and video services to their wedding and corporate clients, and it can be a great way to make a little more money by providing additional microphones, projectors and screens. The key to making a rental work—as well as typical, repeated load-in/load-out mobile DJ use—is gear that can stand up to punishment. Elite Screens now has a road-worthy option for DJs that is really rough and tumble. Each member of the Kestrel Stage Series is stored completely in a road case, has a stylish look, and is user-friendly. Whether it’s for their own gig use or as a rental, this series offers what DJs need in a projection screen.

These are portable, free standing electric screens. So, when it’s needed, you can raise it up electronically, and when it’s not needed it can be right out of the way. Built into a road case for easy transport, you can literally drop it in place and have it ready for an image within a few minutes of arriving onsite. The screen is raised and lowed by a smoothly motorized “scissor-backed riser” and is extremely steady.

Because of the way things are often set up at events that we all do, the projection screen may be placed right in front of the DJ stand, with the projector out somewhere far enough away to project properly, sometimes even on the dance floor. Well, now the DJ stand doesn’t have to be covered up by the screen, it can literally be sitting on the floor and pop into place when you need it. will be available in the magazine digital edition bu really to get it and how easy it really is.

SONY DSCThese professional-quality screens are available in sizes from 100″ to 154″, and in aspect ratios such as 16:9, 4:3 and 16:10. The one we had to try out was 100″/16:9 (model# FE100H-TC) The screen surface is bright and super reflective, with a 1.1 gain. Additionally, the frame around the screen is done in a nice piano gloss finish that adds the finishing touch, giving the screen a high-end look, even though it’s perfectly portable. It also comes with a detachable wheeled flight case that we didn’t use in my review but is meant to hold skirts, projectors and cables if needed.

So, for projecting video and other imagery at corporate events, holiday parties or weddings, the Kestrel Series of screens from Elite Screens takes you way beyond the “slide-projector”-style screen you may still be using, and makes it easy to upgrade your video experience.


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