Eagles Only, No Pigeons – Get Disrupted!

April 13, 2017 by Michael Cordeiro

We may not always realize it, but personal and professional development go hand in hand. We can only do our best when we are at our best. Many of us tend to put more emphasis on our professional skills than developing our life skills. We practice our microphone techniques, improve transitions, build better playlists and hone our mixing skills. Our spiritual, mental and physical well being takes work as well. How much time do you actually spend developing the best YOU?

At MBLV21 this year attendees were blessed with many great seminars and speakers. One of the best was by our host – Todd Mitchem at the end of the conference. Todd’s seminar focused on an interesting concept – Using the power of “Disruption” to break down barriers in your career and life to achieve what you really want. Todd explained how we can apply it to our everyday lives through personal stories of success, tragedy, risk and triumph.

Todd’s new book “You,Disrupted” is a graduate course for people that seriously want to move past their current situation and achieve the life they’ve always wanted. The book expands on many of the stories told in the seminar and breaks down the strategies Todd used to overcome and eliminate obstacles. Even a near fatal car accident and brain injury at the height of his career.

You,Disrupted” goes way beyond the practice of positive affirmations and helps you get to the root of why you fail. The book explains the difference between disruption and destruction by helping us find the reasons behind what Todd calls our “Habitual Why“. Those negative thoughts that hinder us from taking risks and trying something new. Todd further breaks down the difference between positive and negative “disruptor” influences in our daily lives.

You,Disrupted” not only analyzes the psychological reasons why we hinder our success, but includes a blueprint for overcoming those obstacles, which the author illustrates beautifully through his personal journey over the last 25 years. “You,Disrupted” is filled with great quotes, practical advice and inspirational messages. The five building blocks of the words “USE IT” in chapter 8 are a daily mantra for a healthy mindset.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to share a cab ride to the airport in Vegas with Todd. This was after another DJ convention at which he had just given the final keynote. I was very excited and asked him if there was one piece of advice he could give me to make my business be more successful. His reply – “Find your passion in life. Businesses and careers change. Know who you are and what you want out of life.” That little piece of advice was definitely worth the cab fare (which he jokingly let me pay).

You, Disrupted” is like a fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break for people trying to eliminate all the “walls” in their life (gratuitous Dead Pool reference). If you want serious and sound advice on how to move past obstacles and achieve greater personal and spiritual heights – get this book. Be ready to do the work. Be an Eagle not a pigeon!

Special thanks to Todd’s wife Diana for the advanced copy and opportunity to review “You,Disrupted” for Mobile Beat Magazine. To coincide with the release of the book, Todd is hosting a FREE webinar series starting Wednesday April 19th. You can subscribe by using this link:


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