DJ SEO Tip: Duplicate Content On Your Website Hurting Rankings?

December 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell

Duplicate content issues from the words used on your web pages

What is duplicate content?   Duplicate content occurs when verbiage on one of your web pages matches verbiage on another page (on your website or another website).  An example of duplicate content that could occur is when you have a song lyric on your website that matches hundreds of other websites with the same song lyric.  

Duplicate content is an issue for your website because Google favors original content.  In addition, Google could penalize your website from the duplicate content – whether intentional or unintentional.  Penalization could occur with lower search rankings or removal from search results.

Duplicate content can innocently occur while describing your DJ services for weddings, Christmas parties, school dances, uplighting and more.  When describing your services, try and be original and not like every other DJ service. Personalize the message to the visitor.

You may be asking yourself, “there are many DJs in my area and I need to have different verbiage on my website as all of them”?  Answer: Yes. There is an easy to use tool to find content on the Internet similar to the content on your website – CopyScape.  I recommend paying for the premium version.  It will give you a check on your entire website in a batch search.  In addition, you can track multiple cases of plagiarism and your responses.  Fees are based on the number of words on the page and the number of searches.

copyscape home page

Because DJs are selling similar services, websites will have an obvious overlap.  However, the Copyscape tool will provide a degree of plagiarism. Any percentage over 20% similarity should raise warning flags and consider editing the text on your website.  Your task of asking websites to not copy your website could become burdensome and this is why it may be easiest to edit your website’s content. If you find a blatant example of plagiarism, then you can read the article mentioned below about responding to plagiarism.

Copyscape offers these guides:

If you are worried about competitors plagiarizing your content in the future, you can sign up for Copyscape’s Copysentry.  With this paid service, you will receive a notification when a new web page is found to have new examples of plagiarism.

Duplicate content issues with URL variations

You need to look at your complete URL in your web browser’s address bar.  Do you have a green lock before the domain?


If not, read this article about securing your website.  Your website should be HTTPS for best search rankings. Next, if your website is HTTPS, verify that the HTTP version redirects to HTTPS.  If not, Google will consider your website as 2 different websites and as a result, duplicate content.

Example of secure and insecure URLs:

  1. * Secure:
  2. * In-secure:

The same duplicate content issue can occur if your website does not redirect to the www version from the non-www version and vice versa depending upon how your website is set-up.

Example of www version and non-www version.  One should redirect to the other on your website based on your website URL structure setting.

  1. *
  2. *

To learn more tips about duplicate content, read this article about duplicate content on the Google website.   Moz also offers duplicate content tips in this article.

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