Drop Your Pants Part 2

May 11, 2017 by Mitch Taylor

Drop Your Pants Part 2It may seem tempting during the cold blustery fall days to drop your price to get that event but what are you doing for future clients that want to book you and the referrals that they generate? You are setting a precedent in the marketplace for clients to tell their friends “Well…just ask him for a discount and he’ll drop his pants for you too and give you a deal just like me.” Do you want to be known as the “pants dropper” in your market?

To paraphrase Mark Ferrell, you can either stand out in business or be

OUTSTANDING. Which one do you want to be? You stand out in your offerings to

your clientele, your planning, your production. You can be OUTSTANDING in your

performance and the word of mouth your results will deliver.

“But Mitch…you don’t understand…people won’t pay my price here in

_______________.” Of course they won’t if you still compare yourself to everyone else

and have no way of differentiating yourself. You demonstrate this by encouraging

them to see video footage of every other entertainer they are considering. After

all…is it wise for them to hire a complete stranger and then give them a live

microphone in front of all of their family and friends on one of the most important

events of their life? You need to show your clients the RESULTS you can deliver by

working WITH them and not FOR them. Big shift in thinking. How do you show

results to your clients of an intangible product they are purchasing (i.e. YOU)? Proof

of your results and performance can be found in video footage from your events.

Hire someone to be your assistant and have them videotape EVERYTHING you do.

Watch it back for critique and capture the events that went well and then show that

to prospective clients and encourage them to view video of other entertainment

professionals actually performing and NOT the latest video highlight of people

dancing and a voiceover.

You see in today’s society we are virtually trying to replace humans. Heck, I got my

wife an iRobot vacuum last year for Christmas to vacuum the house. We have

dishwashers to do our dishes. Microwaves to cook our food. Now, with the advent

of the iPhone 8 coming out soon, we have virtual assistants in our pocket to help us with any inquiry

24/7/365 (for some fun ask it who it’s daddy is?!?!).

So next time you think you are just the music, think again. Can some of these

inanimate objects replace us at some events? Possibly. Can they for the vast

majority? HELL NO. What society can’t take away is PEOPLE. PEOPLE are what

drives our world. PEOPLE care. PEOPLE love. PEOPLE talk. These intangible items

without feelings, heart and talent CANNOT replace YOU. Show you care (if you

do…if not get out of this business) CONNECT with your clients on a personal level

and don’t just look at them as a paycheck. It’s the quickest way to lose a sale.

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