Driven to Mobile DJ (and Photo Booth) Success

May 24, 2017 by Mike Ryan

Stephanie Crooks is a DJ and photo booth operator, and to say she is also a dynamo is an understatement. When I contacted her for an interview, she got back to me with answers to my questions within a few hours—by far the fasted turnaround for all the pieces I written. The driving force behind Stephanie Crooks Premium Soundz DJ Service in Pittsburgh, PA is an inspiration, proving that we can accomplish much if we put real energy behind our creative ideas and dreams.

Mike Ryan: You started DJing in the 11th grade, did your first Wedding in your senior year and today you do close to 50 weddings annually. Sounds like you have the energy of the battery bunny.

Stephanie Crooks: I have always been an entrepreneur and I have the mind to succeed. I skipped college to run my own vending business, DJ business, and took on as many side jobs as I could get. I purchased my first home at the age of 19 and I now own nine properties and have done 90% of the remodeling all by myself…I drink a full pot of coffee every day and I’m always on the go!

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