Drapery, Is It For You?

December 1, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

Have you considered getting into drapery as an offering? Will having drapery help add to the décor options, especially your lighting?

We recently jumped into providing drapery. We were asked many times by wedding planners & floral / designers if we had drapery. I always said no & I don’t want to get into it!

Well, never say never! After two local Drapery / Lighting providers couldn’t fulfill some needs for smaller setups & after several of the same kept asking if we could provide draper, we took the plunge.

Drapery can be a very expensive endeavor. We asked many others that are into just drapery & other entertainment companies that provide it as well for advice of how to get started. All suggested buying 100’ of White (Poly Premier) that is 16’ tall. This way we can cover venues with tall ceilings or puddle the fabric if we are in shorter venues. Yes puddling can make the drapery panels dirty faster but it’s cheaper to get those cleaned than investing in 3-4 different lengths at first.Drapery

Also included in the drapery circus is uprights, crossbars, nipples & base plates. We ordered a couple more of each so that if we damaged one we would be ok. We ordered double adjustable uprights (7’ collapsed – 17’ extended) for easier transport. We spent a little extra for black base plates & pole socks to cover the aluminum shine.

We as usual didn’t make the purchase until we had it rented. But we have had drapery 2 weeks & already have it on the schedule for 10 events! So I would say it was a great investment. Paid for itself after 3 or so rentals.

We also reached out to the designers, floral, planners & venues to let them know that we offer drapery.

Drapery is a great addition to our already growing décor options. It may not be for you but it has more than proven itself to us!

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