Don’t violate the ‘no surprise’ rule

October 28, 2008 by Andy Ebon

grizzly-bear.jpgLast week, when I presented, “Marketing and Selling to the 21st Century Bride” to Las Vegas NACE, i emphasized the importance of relationships and communications as key factors in surviving and prospering during current economic downturns.

During the Q & A period we transgressed into the area of ‘vendor meals’ and other side issues.

Rather than rehash the discussion, there was one strikingly clear comment made to me, after the meeting, by Frank Gregory, CPCE. He said, Andy, “It’s not that a Catering Manager objects to providing meals for the appropriate vendors (as agreed to by the client). It’s that we when we are about to open a room to 250 guests, we don’t want to be surprise.

What the catering contact needs is communication, early in the week, to make certain that the client has included you in the head count, and listed you for seating. Then we can confirm it, and it’s a very minor item.”

The bottom line is: No Surprises

If you like be referred by venues, it’s important to make their life easy. You can do that by communicating clearly, and several days in advance.

Or, face their wrath!!

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