Don’t Compare Your Day 1 to Someone Else’s Day 5,000

July 10, 2015 by Ben Miller

If I could crochet, I would make a sampler that said, “Stop comparing yourself to your competition that has been around for 5, 10, or 20 years”.

I love starting things.  I love launching businesses.  But for some reason I expect my first day in business to look like day 5,000 in someone else’s business.

I want my videos to be produced and shine like theirs.
I want my artwork and graphic design (business cards, promotional materials, etc) to look as cool as theirs do.
I want the beautiful website that’s rocking the latest technology.
I want my website to have 500 pages of content like theirs does.
I want my phone to ring like theirs does.
I want people to respect my business the same way their clients do.
I want income at the same level as theirs.
I want to serve as many people as they do.
I want to have the same level of peace in business as they do.
I want the big fancy office they have.
I want a big team of employees.
I want new computers, phones and office chairs.
I want their work hours (no working late or on weekends).
Do any of these things sound familiar?

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Ben Miller is a speaker/coach who brings a message of hope, peace, and common sense. Ben taught High School before running his dream business full time. It didn’t take long for his dream to become a nightmare. Even though business was good, he had leveraged himself in debt, hired the wrong employees and grown too fast. After a couple of big contracts disappeared and a blow from a bad economy, Ben barely kept the business alive. DEBT ROBS YOU OF PROSPERITY: Over a million dollars had passed through his hands in just a few short years, yet he had nothing to show for it. When Ben speaks and coaches, he brings his humor that got him through it, and the humility to tell his story in hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes. Those mistakes that he made are the same ones that close 8 out of 10 small businesses in their first two years of operation. Ben has spent years studying great businesses and personal finances. He’ll show you how to: Create a household budget and become debt free Grow a business without the stress of debt Hire employees that can’t wait to be at work Monday morning (building an amazing team culture) Run a social media campaign turning your clients into family Charge a premium fee for your service based business Master productivity and achieve the “work / life” balance everyone dreams of

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