Do “You” Release Your Creativity from the Chains of Imitation

August 11, 2016 by Jason Weldon

We all get to see a lot of videos/posts from DJs all over the world thanks to social media. We are inundated with so many different concepts about the DJ business that it is undoubtedly either helpful or confusing. And we have to be thankful for that, right?! 15 years ago, the social media/online 172-38presence wasn’t what it was today. Finding out how to do things we didn’t know how to do was quite a different matter.

Nowadays, if there is a DJ who does something in Florida on a Monday and shares in on Facebook, by Tuesday morning, a DJ in Alaska has already incorporated that into their system and is offering it to their clients!

While this is a great thing that allows the industry to ulti- mately get better and better (as long as the shared video is actually perpetuating something great), I wonder sometimes if it is selling yourself short. Is what you are doing really you or is it someone else you are trying to emulate?

I have seen quite a few DJs take one DJ’s way of doing things and pretty much copy it. Almost down to the point of the company name. And I’m sure you have seen this happen to. I really want to ask why.


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