Do You Need Social Media For Your Business?

March 3, 2017 by Jason Rubio

Social media is everywhere. You can’t go one day, perhaps even one hour, without hearing someone talk about something they saw on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, or any other social media. It goes without saying that social media is a huge part of our lives! So this brings me to the title and question, do you need social media for your business? The short, easy answer is yes and the good news is, it’s not too difficult!

Whether you’re a DJ, a photographer, run a photo booth, or any business that provides services for public and private events, social media is a must. Social media provides social proof. Social proof is basically a way to “ease the minds” of your current and potential clients about your business. First, establish social media accounts for your business. Be sure to update all these accounts, regularly. Why? Well, if your last post from your gig was from July of 2015, your customers may think either a) you’re not very good and haven’t gotten hired since then, or b) you are no longer in business! Posting updates helps current and potential clients see that you’re in business and they see what you’re doing, weekly! This is advertising, even though it’s not an actual campaign! Don’t make the mistake of using your personal account to advertise your business! Keep your personal life and opinions and business life, separate. You may post personal things/opinions that customers may not need to see. Be smart and create business accounts, instead!

Second, social proof in the form of reviews, is very important! Customers want to know how great of a job you’ll do. They want to know that they’re investing money into a great service! In fact, according to a CompUSA and an iPerceptions study, “63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.” You don’t need a study to know this, of course. Reviews are VERY powerful. The more positive reviews you have, the more trust you build with clients. No one wants to do business with someone they cannot trust. So keep those reviews current and positive! There are numerous more reasons why you should use social media, but these are the top two, in my opinion. So, what are you waiting for? Go create your accounts and start posting!

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