Do You Know Whois It That Owns A Domain Name?

June 4, 2014 by Brian Lawrence

Nope, that’s not a typo. Whois is a public reporting website that allows anyone to find out who owns a particular domain name. This highly beneficial tool can be your ally while in search for a primary or secondary domain name for your entertainment-related business. Why should you consider a secondary domain name? In brief: most primary domains include the name of your business, which may not reflect typical search terms associated with your kind of business. A secondary domain name can combine generic business terms associated with your business (i.e. experienced wedding DJ) and even location (i.e. www.experiencedweddingdjSoCal) that mimic how people naturally search. Link this secondary domain to your primary domain, and this increases your visibility in search results. With Whois, you can find out if a name is already taken, as well as when a name will expire to possibly reserve as yours once it becomes re-available.

If you’re in the market for a secondary domain name (a practice we cannot recommend enough), with Whois, you can easily track down a domain name owner. You might be surprised to find out, and it is Whois that makes this even easier to uncover, that many secondary domain names might be owned, but not utilized. Not only can you easily track down an owner, you can also connect with them and see if they will sell you that domain name. You can also check out this site for some entertainment/DJ specific domains.

Of course, this works in the other direction as well. Businesses can use Whois to contact you and your company. In this case they might try to sell you extra domains they think you might be interested in, as well as other services. Use the knowledge of what Whois can do to manage your own domain name in a way that works for you to prevent this from happening. As example, you can hide your ownership of your domain(s) by going into the control panel of your domain registrar and ordering that additional solicitation-prevention service for a few dollars a year.

Lastly, Whois has even more potential power once you understand all that domain ownership can represent. Numerous business heads own the domain name personally so if something went awry with their company, the domain remains a personal asset. Whois allows you to connect with them and purchase the domain name they’ve intentionally been holding onto for just this purpose.

 co-authored by Theodora Kimmel

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