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September 11, 2015 by Tony Schwartz

Stop referring to people by their “wedding titles”.be-a-better-wedding-mc

Seriously. Don’t ever say “And now, the Bride and Groom will share their First Dance…” again.

The same thing for “the happy couple”, “the newlyweds”, “the new Mr. and Mrs.”, etc., unless the term is being used as a descriptor before their names. For example, “…the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smith!” That’s fine – but don’t get carried away with it.

The same thing goes for the parents. “And now, the Father of the Bride will toast the Bride and Groom!” (Saw that one last month!) And the members of the wedding party. “Please welcome our Best Man! Of all the men, he is truly the best!” (Yes, saw that in a YouTube video yesterday.)

I’m going to be blunt; those are just a few of the terrible introductions I’ve witnessed these last few months. They’re painful from a professional standpoint, and they’re awkward from a guest standpoint. It doesn’t sound natural, and it sure doesn’t feel personal.

I figured this was common sense, but I have seen a number of wedding MC & DJs in-person and on YouTube use titles rather than the person’s name. More than enough times to warrant this blog post.

So, let’s become a better Wedding MC, instantly, with one quick change.

As the reception’s Master of Ceremonies, among the multitude of duties we have, the most important is we serve as the host of the reception. We introduce moments; we introduce people. We must portray ourselves as if we were a part of the family.

In other words, don’t be impersonal with your introductions.

Think about the very last guest on the guest list. This guest is a plus-one, who has never met the couple before. As the wedding MC, your goal is to emotionally connect this person to the reception, ensuring they feel just as much as part of the family as everyone else.

So, when you first introduce the members of the Wedding Party – the Father of the Bride, the Maid of Honor, the Groom, etc. – refer to each person by their first and last name. Also, answer this question with your introduction: “Who is this person, and why should I care?” From there, your delivery style will take care of the rest.

Remember this: there is nothing sweeter to one’s ear than the sound of their own name. It’s obvious who the groom is, it is even more obvious who the bride is – she’s the only one wearing a white dress. Trust me, she’ll never approach you, her wedding MC, and request you stop using her new last name so often.

So, say it. Say it often. She’s waited a long time to hear it.

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