Do Our Customers Really Want Cheap?

April 23, 2018 by Brian S. Redd

I posted a picture of the photo booth gig that I did last night and it was at a Latin night club. It was somebody’s birthday, so they hired me to come in for like three hours. Somebody mentioned in the comments section that they saw a printer, but they don’t use printers, they just somehow text the picture that they take to the individual’s phone.

And I got to thinking, why would you do that? That must be to save money. That must be so you can offer this photo booth service for a very low price. And I understand that there are people out there who want to save money, they don’t want to pay a lot. When they see the price of something, a low price is something they typically go for. But let me offer you another point of view.

The photo booth gig that I did last night, I got because of a photo booth gig that I did a month ago with Blanca at Art’s daughter’s quinceañera. So I got work from that booth not because he told them how much it costs, but because they were there, they saw what we were doing, and they really liked it. We also offer prints. Now, I say we offer prints, but it’s just part of the deal. This is what we do. And we do unlimited prints. We have props. And I’m not just standing there attending the photo booth.

I’m into it, I’m smiling; I’m encouraging people to come over. I am helping stage the pictures. I’m being a photographer almost, here, scoot in a little bit, get here, do that, here, put this hat on. I’m making it fun. I’m not just sitting there going, yeah, you want to use the photo booth? That’s the difference.

Now, the gig that I did last night, I think I’ve gotten three referrals from it already. People really like what they saw. They’d  never seen anything like what I’m doing. Because most of the time, it’s a little box you go into or alternately, yeah, someone’s just sitting there attending the photo booth, where I was being the personality. So there’s value in that. And I’m not charging rock bottom prices for my photo booth services. You could get a cheaper photo booth in Milwaukee, I promise you that. But I’m trying to provide something a little different than everyone else is doing. People appreciate that.

And I know I’m talking about photo booths today, but this could be for DJing as well. If you’re just up there playing tunes, that’s one thing. If you’re up there being cool, anyone who comes up to you and you’re really bringing it in presentation and programming and customer service, you’re worth more than the rock-bottom guy.

I hate talking about money, but I really wanted to bring it up this time, just because this is important. It’s value. It’s mental value. When people pay for something, they really appreciate the service. When it’s rock bottom, I don’t know, I’ve always experienced that whenever I try to do something on the cheap, it’s not appreciated and I’m not treated as well. When I do something in a more premium price and offer a premium service, it’s much more appreciated by the client and I get referrals.

Quick vlog for you today. We’ll see you soon. Practice and enjoy.


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