“DO NOT PLAY” songs set record

December 11, 2012 by Ric Hansen

The School Dance Network commissions an independent board of school administrators, parents, and students to review songs that are released each week and are being played on radio,  to determine if they are age appropriate for school dances.  That list is published nationally, posted at www.schooldancenetwork.com and used by DJs and schools as a guide to dance playlists.  Typically there are 2 or 3, maybe 4 songs added…..This week we set an all time record…9 songs….that should not be played at school dances.   Plus, a song (Bruno Mars “Locked out of Heaven” that had been approved and since has met with significant complaint so now has been been tacked on to the DONOT PLAY  list, officially making it 10 new adds.

For up to the minute info on school dances subscribe to the School Dance Network….better yet, join as one of our favored DJ’s in the “Responsible DJ Directory”  used by more school administrators than any in the country to find DJ talent for their school dances.   More details on why they are on the list, Click Here.

The DO NOT PLAY adds

Bruno Mars      Locked out of Heaven
Game      Celebration
The Weekend      Wicked Games
Lil Wayne      No Worries
Meek Mill      Young and Gettin it
T.I. / Lil Wayne      Ball
2 Chains      I’m Different
Wiz Khalifa      Remember
Big Sean      Guap
Ludacris-Usher      Rest of my life



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