DO NOT PLAY list for “back to school”

August 20, 2012 by Ric Hansen

You are bound to get tons of requests for many of these songs, because they are being played on Rhythmic radio stations around the country.  The problem is, if you play them at school dances, you are likely not going to be asked back.   Our contention is, there are tons of great Top 40 songs to play, if you eliminate the most objectionable you can still have a red hot dance, and make friends with the administration.

DJ’s beware of these songs now on the NATIONAL DO NOT PLAY LIST.

1 Flo Rida  Whistle     Number one song on the Rhythmic Radio Top 40.  Very popular and no dirty words, but clearly referencing oral sex, and should make administrators very uncomfortable.
2 Kanye West  Mercy     Also very popular among teens, but even with edits, this song should be avoided.
3 Ca$h Out  Cashin’ Out     The chorus goes:  “36 O’s so I’m ridin’ round with that nina.”  Translated: 36 ounces of marijuana so I am riding around with that nine millimeter  gun.  “Ridin with a hoe named Kesha”   …no translation necessary.
4 Wiz Khalifa  Work Hard, Play Hard      Edited or not, the repeated chorus sings Ni*ga” thoughout.
5 Trey Songz/TI  2 Reasons     The Two reasons that they refer to are:  Bitches and drinks.
6 Usher/Rick Ross  Lemme See     With Rick Ross involved, count on lyrical issues.  He’s a nasty boy.
7 2 Chainz/Drake  No Lie
8 Driicky Graham  Snapbacks and Tattoos
9 J. Cole  Nobody’s Perfect
10 Meek Mill  Amen Nasty and sacrilegious all in one.

For the great songs you can play, and a complete listing of the DO NOT PLAY songs go to the School Dance Network and join the hundreds of other DJs who help support a quality, safe and age appropriate dance event.   Join today.


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