Do Not Customize Everything!

July 5, 2017 by Jeff Heidelberg

As a man who has been in the sales and customer service field for a few years, I do believe in the principle that we, as business owners, need to adapt ourselves to the customer’s taste. This provides a customized feeling. That feeling that their event is truly unique and is breaking ground on the next big trend. I believe customer input is important however you have to know where you stand in the market. If we all base ourselves around the customer, are any of us different?


I remember a few years ago I stumbled upon a product video that got me ready to buy in a heartbeat. It was for Phonebloks, a customizable, modular phone. The customer would purchase the basic set up of the phone then choose what custom pieces would snap to the phones hardware. Take a lot photos for your photography blog? Boom, here’s a block with a deluxe camera. Store and play a lot of music? Snap, there’s a big speaker and additional storage. The funny thing is that even though this phone got me all jazzed up (“jazzed up” is still an acceptable slang term in my mind), I did not purchase it when I was shopping for a new phone.


Customers like having a say in the buying process however “death by choices” is a very real problem. As DJs, we need to realize who we are, what we do and who we serve. Yes I want to book every single gig under the sun but in all reality I cannot and honestly there are some gigs that would not be a good fit for me. My entrepreneurship professor said that businesses can offer convenience, price and quality, however as a business owner, you must pick only two and specialize in those areas.


DJs who base their business model on price may book more gigs per year but they cannot complain when they can’t afford more deluxe equipment. Likewise DJs who offer a premium service may receive more money per event but cannot complain about the time and energy spent doing extra work for the customer.


A hard but true fact for me to realize in my early adulthood has been that I cannot please everyone. With every decision we make as business owners, we are simultaneously saying no to every other possible decision. By looking at the services you offer and deciding what market to cater to, you have made a decision that allows you to serve your customers better and create a brand in the market.

Jeff Heidelberg Jeff Heidelberg (10 Posts)

Jeff Heidelberg currently lives in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. From an early age, he enjoyed entertaining his family members with jokes, dance moves and whatever he thought was funny. This passion for entertainment carried on as he began working as a costumed character at Kings Island, an amusement park located north of Cincinnati. His love for DJing began after buying a Numark Mixtrack off of his friend in college. Mesmerized by the plethora of special effects and “scratching” aka Jeff moving his hand furiously on a live deck he began playing at local parties and charity events. Jeff is currently a Sales Rep, DJ and Master of Ceremonies for Party Pleasers Services in Cincinnati, OH.

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