Do Clients REALLY Care About Your DJ Lighting?

October 26, 2017 by Jason Rubio

As a DJ, we have tons of equipment to buy, maintain, and replace. Of all those things, DJ lighting is at the top of the list for maintaining and replacing. How often, is up to you, of course. As a DJ you always want to present your product as best as possible. You, personally, have to be professional in how you look, dress, communicate, etc. Your equipment has to look and sound great, too. However, how far must you go to look and sound good? Do you absolutely have to have the best equipment in the business for every piece of equipment you own? There is no easy answer to these questions, but the simplest answer is, it depends. 

What does it depend on? First, it depends on your level of business. If you’re DJing as a hobby, and rarely do paid events, then it doesn’t matter quite as much. You can even simply rent good equipment and get the job done. If you are busier and do several events per month, than it’s best to invest in great equipment, since it will need to be reliable. When it comes to lighting, how many lights is enough? Is there such as thing as too many lights? I’ve seen a DJ company in the area that advertises “we have the best light show in Texas.” Their picture shows about 25 lights on a truss. In my opinion, that’s a little too much for a wedding or private event. Does having more lights mean your lights are “the best?” That depends on who you ask.

Next, do clients really care about what type of lights you bring? In my experience, no, they don’t. We’ve had a small handful of clients even mention our lighting in their reviews, out of hundreds of events. I’ve never done an event where the client came up and said “thank you,” and added “I wish you would have had this light or this moving head,” etc. Most clients don’t know the difference between ADJ or Chauvet or the Chinese brand. If it looks good, it looks good. We’ve actually done several high end events that said they preferred to have no dance floor lighting. They did want uplighting, however. It seems like other DJs or competitors are the main ones who care what kind of equipment you have, honestly.

I’m not saying not to invest in good equipment. Buy the equipment that you can afford, that will look and sound great. The most important thing is that you give your clients an awesome experience! Overall, clients want a fun night, where all their guest dance and have a great time. They’re not too interested in what kind of lights you bring. They want a great, fun, memorable experience!

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