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May 22, 2012 by Ric Hansen

The passing of Donna Summer and then of Robin Gibb within a week…is a moment.  A moment of reflection for millions of adult  Americans who lived and danced through the 70s..   The loss of two of the Disco era’s icons gives cause for a pause.

The role of a truly gifted DJ is more than playing the right music, at the right time in the right sequence.   Although that is an important part of the mobile DJ’s skill set capturing “a moment”  is what gives the them distinction.  Sets them apart.

Now and probably for the next couple of months…a tribute moment to these music legends would be a great way to launch a “disco” set at any  adult party (even weddings)  With a brief verbal tribute, then a moment to pause and reflect and then a hot launch into high powered disco set.  It’s not hoaky, or melancholy …it’s human.  As long as it is not overplayed.

“I’d like to take a moment tonight to pay tribute to two music icons from the 70….a lady we call the queen of Disco, who was the first artist to have three double albums reach No. 1 and had three number one songs in the same year  and a guy who was one of the brothers who defined what we know as the disco era.

Gone too soon….Robin Gibb and Donna Summer.” (pause 3 seconds).

If you have the time and ability it’d be great to launch with a prepared mash up of two hot dance songs by these two artists.  

Create a moment and you will not just entertain the crowd, you will endear them.

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