DJs: Cupid Wants To Visit Your Favorite School and Perform at Prom!

September 13, 2012 by Mobile Beat

Cupid and Mobile Beat: The Mobile Entertainers Magazine is looking for the school with the most potential with line dances and wants YOU the DJ to find them for us! We are looking for a couple minute video showing one of your school dances doing any of cupid’s tracks including Cupid Shuffle, CU Step, Teach Me How To Wobble and Old School. All videos must have some footage of the school trying “Old School” and of course you the DJ in the mix (track can be downloaded for FREE from Coming into homecoming season now and for regular school mixers, work with your favorite schools and shoot a quick video, edit it and get it online on Youtube! Work with those schools and you could get Cupid for a weekend performing with you at a dance this spring (pending scheduling) with Cupid as a special attraction. Now wouldn’t that be cool, Cupid doing a mini concert at your Prom!!!

For More information check out this video, then post to youtube and email about your video!

Learn how to do the Old School dance by going here

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