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December 2, 2016 by Mike Ryan

Using top-of-the-line sound equipment won’t automatically make you a great DJ…but it sure would be fun. Tom Capo of KPODJ literally gets his pick of the best pro audio products our industry has to offer. But don’t be jealous; it wasn’t just handed to him on a silver record platter. He’s been working hard building his screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-12-51-26-pmMobile DJ and retail businesses since he was 14-year- old. Capo shares his unique insight into our industry.

Mike Ryan: You started your Mobile DJ business as a teenager. That’s not that unusual these days but before you were an adult you actually had a thriving retail business! So how and why did you go from Mobile DJing to selling DJ products?

Tom Capo: Since I was constantly buying new gear for myself, I was always selling my old gear. I sold most to other local DJs that I knew, but when they didn’t need the gear I was selling, I started posting products online. Eventually, I traded someone two Numark turntables for the original KPODJ logo artwork and basic framework of a very simple e-commerce website. It grew slowly from there.

While still in high school, this young upstart had a couple advantages to help launch his Pro Audio business…

T C: I worked out of my parent’s garage, my overhead was almost nothing and my few expenses included my cell phone and web hosting. Also being in the trenches (as a DJ) myself I had the advantage of hearing firsthand the unedited opinions and experiences of hundreds of other DJs. [Plus] I always liked to try new gear. My DJ setup was constantly changing and I especially liked trying lesser known brands that I thought were better than the popular stuff.

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