DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Wear Your Wedding Attire To Your Holiday And Corporate Events

August 24, 2017 by DJ Jay

Hey, DJ tips in under a minute and I’m filming me. This is me in another video waving to you showing you the tie length. But what’s important here is this was a wedding, I wore a black shirt, black pants, black Doc Martens and that white and black striped tie that I started wearing this year. The reason is because I want unity. It’s a uniform, hence unity, but I also wear this to holiday parties. I used to go with a red tie or the red vest or — but you know what, I want people to see me and think wait, I’ve seen this guy before, because you’re in the same outfit from each event.
So one more reason to kind of keep it together, if you’re in the holiday season and you’re not sure what do I wear to this event, wear what you’d wear to a wedding, especially if it’s what you always wear to weddings, because then people see you and there’s that sense of wow, I’ve seen you before, but where? I know — oh wait, you DJ’d my friend’s wedding, do you have a card? It does help and it does happen. So even though my wife thinks I should go with the red and green striped tie, I’m going with the usual, in under a minute.


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