DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Watch Pricing Items That Create Value To A Client

February 15, 2018 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute, when you’re doing something like lighting, be careful about price quotes. I know that most people want to know how much something costs, it just makes sense, but if you give somebody a price and it’s per item, what you’re doing is you’re placing value on it that can now be beaten. Another DJ can come along and say, I do lighting for $20 a light with no minimum or they can come up with a better package. You should try to let your clients know, let’s look at the room, let’s do a site inspection, bring a couple of lights with you, plug them in and show the client what it looks like. That way you’re giving a better value. Or at this price, you may want to include them. If you’re getting your fee as a DJ to say to a client, that includes four lights. In this case, that would be $100 in cash you may not make, but it may be the difference between getting the event and not getting it, because you can always add things on later. So watch pricing and value, in under a minute.


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