DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Video Montage On A Monitor Instead Of A Projector

July 27, 2017 by DJ Jay

All right. Another audio/visual idea. I’ve got some clients coming up who want to do a video montage and my experience with video montages is that they are difficult, at best. There always seems to be an issue with the laptop, there’s an issue with getting it fired up to the projector, it doesn’t start right away and it’s a big production to show a seven, eight-minute video.
So about four years ago I had a client, who I have actually gone on to do four more events for, who I suggested, how about we just do a DVD, put it in the DVD player, hook it up to a monitor and let the monitor run all night looped and that way people can see the video montage, not worry about the music, it doesn’t matter when they get to see it, but they’ll see it at some point. I said this to my clients yesterday, they loved the idea, they’re going to do it as well. So instead of doing a big video montage, suggest getting a DVD, putting it on a monitor in the room at the reception and running it all night on a loop, under a minute.


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