DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Video Every Event You Do.

March 21, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under one minute. Here is the room I’m working tonight. It is at a site called Pala Mesa. It is set for 100 people. This is my setup. The point is when you do a site, any site for any event, make a video between one and three minutes long about the site, about your setup. ID the video with your name, web address, anything else you need, show how pretty things look and make sure you mention you’re working the site. This is a wedding you’re doing, this is a private party you’re doing. Give future customers the option to find you on YouTube. I actually just got an email the other day from someone who found me on YouTube, because I did a wedding at the site they’re getting married. So in under 60 seconds, the DJ tip of the day is get a YouTube account and post videos from every single event. Just do it one to three minutes and then do a second video of dancing or whatever. Enjoy.


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