DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Verify Names And The Order Of Introductions

May 18, 2017 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, you do your wedding, you probably do something similar where you have it setup where you have spellings done, the way you pronounce names, but you have an order. So here I have sponsor wedding party parents, ring bearer, flower girl, bride and groom. No problem, have a few songs, few things they don’t want. Here’s the problem and here’s the tip, this is the order I was given, but at the wedding, what happened was I introduced the sponsors, no problems. Then I said the wedding party and as I introduced the wedding party, the parents came up, because after the fact, the coordinator told me, I always put the parents after the sponsors. So the issue isn’t who goes where, it’s knowing that ahead of time, because it made me look kind of stupid.
And I was really clear when I gave this list to the coordinator, the order that I was going to introduce everyone in. So lesson learned and DJ tip in under a minute is make sure you physically tell people the order you’re introducing them in or it can change. Under a minute.

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