DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Using Your Headphones As A Microphone

April 11, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. These are headphones, this is your DJ tip in under 60 seconds. I have the headphones plugged in, but if you look, you’ll see they’re actually plugged into the microphone. So I’m going to go up here, I’m going to turn the microphone on, I’m going to turn the volume up, I’m going to take my headphones, check one, one, check, one, test, one, one. You can actually use your headphones as a microphone in an emergency. It will not sound as good, but you can use it as a microphone. So if you run into problems, your mike goes out, you don’t have a mike, plug your headphones into your mike jack as long as it’s quarter-inch or combo jack. So that’s the tip of the day in under 60 seconds. Thank you for watching.

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