DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Use Your Email Signature To Your Advantage.

April 19, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. Do you use the signature on your emails? I didn’t and I noticed a lot of DJs and a lot of professionals do. So I decided I would too. On mine, I simply have my name, that I’m the owner and DJ of my company, but then I decided to go in and add a few things. I have my YouTube channel, because I want brides and clients to go to my YouTube channel and see what I do, I have my email address, I have my phone number, I have my main web address, but then up here I have three lines, WeddingWire, Bridal Insider and the Knot.
These are awards and/or things that I have done or had or bring light to my business in a positive way. So if you are not using the signature for your email, any awards you’ve gotten, any notoriety you’ve gotten put it on every single email, let the world know, in under a minute.


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