DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Use the Signature on your mobile Email

July 4, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ Tips in under a minute. I’m about to send an email from my phone and I’ve already done a video on getting your signature put together for your email, but I didn’t do one about your phone and someone pointed this out the other day. Why have your phone say, sent from my iPhone, sorry for mistakes? My iPhone spellchecks everything, so I’m not making big mistakes on it. Or why pimp out Verizon or T-Mobile or anything else? So this is what my sig is now on my phone: my name, I’m the DJ, the owner, my company and then I just put a link to YouTube. I didn’t want to start doing a huge sig, just thought I’d make it simple and easy. I might even just change it to have the YouTube link and my name. But utilize this space. People see it and we always read the whole email. So when you get that Verizon or AT&T or whatever sig at the bottom, they’re going to see it. So why not use that space for your own advertising? Quick little tip for you in under a minute.

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