DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Use Odd Number Lights And Light Up Areas That Normally Are Ignored.

November 2, 2017 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute from a wedding, three lights, one, two, three. I talked to a lighting designer and a home designer and they both said, work in odd numbers. It’s more impactful and it draws the eyes. So I have three lights today down the hallway, not four as I would normally do.
So the tip is work in odd numbers, but also, try to find spaces that may not normally get lit up.
As you can see, I’m going out into the main wedding area. This wall will stay here, but this wall will move and then we’ll have everyone come inside. So if they go down this hallway towards the bathrooms, I want to give them an opportunity to pick up some of the light that’s in the room.
And again, these are tips that I’ve picked up from talking to lighting designers and other staffing at events as to what looks really sharp and what picks up with the eye. So DJ tips in under a minute, odd number lights and pick a spot that you wouldn’t normally light up.


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