DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Use Gaff Tape Not Duct Tape.

March 7, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tip in under 60 seconds, one minute. This is duct tape. This is what you use when working on heating and cooling ducts, d-u-c-t. This is Gaff tape. It says right inside: Gaff. This is what you use when you’re a professional DJ, because it doesn’t leave residues, it won’t mark up the floor, it won’t markup marble, it won’t markup wood and it won’t stick or leave anything behind. I’ve probably done four weddings this year where I’ve been told before they saw the tape, we only allow Gaff tape, can’t use duct tape, it sticks and leaves residue. When I was first starting out, yes, I used duct tape, then I became pro and I talked to the right people and they guided me and said, no, use Gaff tape, it’s good for cables, won’t leave residue. So DJ tips in under a minute, use real Gaff tape. Thank you.


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