DJ Tips In Under A Minute: The mix out point with DJ Lars

May 17, 2017 by DJ Jay

Jay: All right. DJ tips in under a minute this time with DJ Lars.

Lars: Hey, everybody. What’s up? Quick tip, how to mix out of a record properly. Find your [inaudible]. Find the spot where you want to mix out of it. Let’s say you track — you have an [inaudible] that begins a minute before the track ends, set a cue point 16 bars before your [inaudible] begins just as a visual representation and then that means that’s where you start playback on your next track. That gives you 16 bars to mix into it and then 16 bars or even 32 bars to mix out of it. And that way you have your visual representation of where to begin your mix and makes it real easy.

Jay: Awesome. DJ tips in under a minute from Miami with my boy, DJ Lars.

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