DJ Tips In Under A Minute Syncing Your Drives For Gigs.

April 12, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. This is what I use, a free program called Allway Sync and I believe it is and this is what I use to match up my drives. Right now I am syncing up two drives. So I have all the information, the files that I’ve deleted from this drive to this drive. As you can see, it says, does not exist. And then down here I have what files are moving into where. So I have two drives that I use. One is a standard drive and the other one is my backup. And actually, you’ve seen the one with the wide cord, that’s the white cord and then right here, that’s the backup. So I just want everything to be the same. So what I’ll do is sync it all up and then go through and clean. I’m sure I can set this to clean, I just haven’t figured out yet.
So if you’re looking for a sync program, try this one, Allway Sync so you get your drives all set up and you’ve got your backup, in under one minute.


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