DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Stay Off Facebook/Twitter During Your Wedding Or Events.

September 13, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. I’ve got about 30 minutes before I begin and I wanted to bring up social media at your wedding. It is totally cool to do check-ins. In fact, you should. You should let people know what’s going on, you should let people know that you’re busy, you should let people know that you have a wedding and where, but during the wedding, stay off Facebook.
Don’t tweet the bride looks goofy, don’t tweet the groom is drunk. At the end of the night, if you took pictures, post them, put a review of your wedding, let people know things went really well, this was a challenge or that was a challenge or I played this song and it was a really good song.
Be helpful to DJ’s, clients, whoever sees your social media connection, especially clients, because they probably follow you or find you and look at you. So DJ tips in under a minute, go on Facebook, check in, but stay off Facebook during the event itself. This is a DJ tip in under a minute.


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