DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Start a monthly vendor happy hour in your area

October 30, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. Check this out, I’m in the North County area of San Diego. This is actually a group of vendors, photographers, coordinators, DJs. Someone started a Facebook page about getting together once a month to have a happy hour and this is the happy hour. So we’re all just kind of talking and exchanging ideas, and business cards, and meeting new people. So it’s a really cool networking idea.

So maybe in your area you can either spearhead it and start it yourself or there might be one that exists, but just go for a small area. San Diego is kind of a big county and this is a meeting for North County. And since I live about 25 miles away, it’s easy for me to get to. So quick DJ tip in under a minute, try to get a group of vendors with different types together in your area and meet once a month for a little happy hour, something cool to do, exchange ideas, see vendors and maybe get a gig out of it, in under a minute.

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