DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Speak To Any Music Vendor Who You Will Be Working With Before The Event

April 27, 2017 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute. My last DJ tips was about a cable I used to have a guitarist plug into my mixer, because there was some communication breakdown where the guitarist brought one amplifier for the cocktail ceremony, but didn’t have an amplifier for the ceremony. I was providing a microphone. So I could’ve gotten away with a mike stand, speaker stand and microphone, but as usual, I bring backups. So I brought a full system of two CD players and a mixer just in case and good thing I did, because guess what, the guitarist had to plug into the mixer. So I used an RCA line-in with a quarter inch to the guitarist. The point of this video is speak to vendors you’re going to be working with. Maybe not the photographer, maybe not the florist, the cake, but if you’re working with anybody that plays music at a wedding that you’re the DJ, make sure you speak to them, because we could’ve set this up ahead of time and no issues.
Tips in under a minute.

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