DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Security For Your Gear

July 17, 2016 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, security, keeping yourself safe. A friend of mine got his headphones ripped off a couple weeks ago. They were just sitting on the staging behind him and someone spoofed in and boom, stole his headphones. I keep my headphones, my laptops, my chargers, a microphone and all my hard drives in this backpack. This is the last thing that I put in the van before I go to the gig. It’s the last thing I take out of the van after setup and it’s the first thing that comes off the setup at the end of the night. So I never leave laptops, headphones, chargers sitting around. The inevitable crime of opportunity, I think someone on staff stole his headphones, to be honest with you, but a lot of our rooms have access to the public, people looking to get married there, people looking at the venue, whatever. But to keep yourself safe, the first thing you do is keep everything together, bring it in last to the gig and then when you’re done, take it down first, get it out of the gig. Under a minute, security.

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