DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Record Yourself And Learn From It.

August 30, 2018 by DJ Jay

— a minute, record yourself. Not only record yourself, but record yourself and post it if you can.
The other thing is see what you say a lot. I have a bad habit of saying the word well. So I start with well, ladies and gentlemen. I also say good evening a couple of times when I probably shouldn’t. So make a little note next to your setup, write down what you say and when you say it and start putting checkmarks next to it.
Find expressions you like, go to YouTube, search out other DJs, search out masters in the industry, whatever you do, find out what they’re saying, try to integrate it into your routine. The other thing is make announcements that you need to make, not that you don’t. Right now it’s intros, welcome, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, bridal bouquet, the things that are important. I don’t talk at a wedding to hear myself speak. I don’t think I need to and I certainly don’t want to, it’s not my day. So DJ tips in under a minute, record yourself and see how you sound.


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