DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Record Your Cocktail Or Dinner Sets Ahead Of Time In Serato DJ

August 31, 2017 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute for Serato DJ. As many of you who have this program know it does not have continuous play. So the days are just loading in a crate and playing, it don’t work. So you hit that little button right there and you record. What I’m going to do today is record a cocktail set and a dinner set probably two or three of each one just so I have something loaded up. So if I’m going to be busy during dinner at a wedding, during cocktail running around, I don’t want it to stop at the end of a track. I’m sure this is something that will change with updates, because I know a lot of DJs have complained that they want continuous play, a feature that is available in ITCH, I believe intro as well and I believe it is available in Scratch Live. So record your sets anyway, but more importantly, with DJing, record your sets for ahead of time playback for cocktail, dinner, holidays. DJ tips under a minute.


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