DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Power Cable With Light.

April 4, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under 60 seconds, AKA one minute. This is a yellow power cord. A lot of times I get events where I’m outside or I have to go over grass or sidewalks or something. And even inside if it’s too far and it’s going to get in the way of people, I love this cord, because black and yellow is caution and I use black Gaff tape. Now, the beauty of this cord is this, and I’ll move into a little bit of the darkness so you’ll see, when this cord gets power, this lights up. So if I’m outside and I plug into some weird power supply behind someplace through the bushes, through the trees, I know immediately if I have power. Then I can start stringing. So my initial cable I love having this, again, because it’s yellow and because it’s my power check. So get a yellow cable with power check. Thank you for watching.


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